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Sonny Hopson Remembers

Listening to Sonny Hopson, aka Soul Sound Sonny, aka The Mighty Burner, on the radio was like a shot of adrenaline straight to the brain. He’d make you want to jump out of your car right on Broad Street and do the boogaloo. He’d spin a Jackie Wilson song and sing over it louder than Jackie. He’d make dates with women live on the air. He’d tell everybody what he’d be doing come nighttime, where he’d be doing it and and who’d he be doing it with. For a few years in the latter part of the ’60s, you simply had to listen to the Mighty Burner. He was the heart and soul of WHAT Radio—1340 on your AM dial.

Here, Sonny talks about Sonny, and Georgie Woods, his radio idol.

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